For the love of movement!

Pilates-inspired workouts and wellness

For the love of movement!

Pilates-inspired workouts and wellness

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Energize With Movement. Elevate Through Wellness.

Sculpt long lean lines creating a dancer’s physique and “a body that moves as beautifully as it looks.”

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Meet Elizabeth

mom, pilates expert, integrative movement coach, writer, creator of best-selling dvd Targeted Toning Pilates For Beginners.

Hello Beautiful!

I’m Elizabeth. Welcome to my site. I am so happy our paths have connected! Over the past two decades I have worked with my private clients developing a Pilates based method to achieve optimal results. My mission is to help my clients not only look their best, but FEEL and BE their best self.

Every session is tailored to each client balancing and strengthening his or her body to move with greater precision by targeting specific muscles. With this, you will release tension, develop beautiful definition, and build graceful strength. Feeling great in your body is one of the secrets to achieving your goals and the physique you desire and deserve. It’s time to step into the healthy life you see for yourself!

Deeeeep Breath – YOU can do this!

xx Elizabeth

  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Certificate in Franklin Method of Movement
  • Certificate in Yamuna Body Rolling Technique
  • Certificate in Gyrotonic Method

One-on-One With Elizabeth

Experience the most personalized live online training, from any location, anywhere in the world

I am excited to offer a virtual consult and custom workout via ZOOM, just for you! We will develop your plan together to start or up-level your movement & wellness regimen including my behind the scenes secrets to optimal health. 


My goal is for you to leave your session feeling renewed, reconnected to your authentic healthy self and empowered to take on your goals. Pre-post natal, Every body, All ages.



This is how it works:


In our private zoom video session, you will be stepping into the healthy life you envision for yourself and walking away with the tools to transform your body and to maintain it. Once you schedule a session, we will meet on zoom, talk shortly about what is unique to you that shapes your health & body including lifestyle and exercise.  


After our meeting you will have access to the recording of your workout (optional) and you’ll be emailed a personalized plan including movement and lifestyle suggestions and referrals. Once we work together, you will be part of the community. You will receive priority booking to exclusive offers, private classes & workshops. You will be given my personal email to discuss your transformation and continue moving forward. You will also be eligible to book follow up sessions at reduced rate.

“Elizabeth has a unique gift for helping you fall in love with & fully enjoy the process of working out. Her sessions are fun, challenging, and feel good from start to finish. It is such a gift to work with an instructor who knows how to help you lovingly nurture your body while simultaneously getting an amazing workout (…and incredible results!).”

Nicole Wensel
Founder, Conscious Cinema Co.

Quality of movement shapes your body and lights up your well-being.

I focus on movement efficiency and fluidity, releasing blockages and tension, increasing range of motion and building graceful strength. The secret to sculpting is working on an energetic level, calming overworked, clenching muscles while opening up space and pathways to stimulate sleepy ones along with vital physiological systems to help shed toxins, inflammation and fat.

Every session is not just a “workout” but time to make breakthroughs. Time to move out sluggish energy and bring in glowing vitality. The key is knowing the sweet spots – what resonates and makes a difference. Subtle adjustments to the way you move can result in dramatic, life changing results.

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Incredible results

Elizabeth’s Home Starter Kit

Best-Selling DVD
Targeted Toning Pilates For Beginners

My best-selling and AMAZON CHOICE DVD, Targeted Toning Pilates for Beginners is available to watch, rent or buy.

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