Elizabeth Ordway

Energy | Elongation | Elegance

For a body that moves as beautifully as it looks.

}Pilates & Barre Sculpt

}The Secret to Sculpting

Elizabeth’s method and philosophy are based on sculpting the body by refining and mastering movement. Every workout and exercise is tailored to each client, strengthening and balancing his or her body to move with greater precision.

Elizabeth’s work is intricate and sometimes subtle, perfecting alignment and targeting very specific muscles.

Subtle adjustments have proven to deliver dramatic results!  Her signature class, E Pure Sculpt combines Pilates principles and barre technique to create the most coveted, long lean dancer’s physique.

My new video, "Targeted Toning Pilates for Beginners"
is now available!

I am very excited. Let me know what you think.




"We Tried It; Elizabeth Ordway's pilates workout"

— Sue Ontiveros

It is such a thrill to see the satisfaction in someone’s face when their hard work and dedication pays off and the “unchangeable” actually changes!


}Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ordway, Founder of Movement Studio LA an exclusive private training studio, is a well-respected fitness expert and highly coveted Pilates Instructor.

Elizabeth is one of the foremost private trainers in Los Angeles. She is known for helping her clients achieve defined beautiful bodies as well as her straightforward style and personalized service.


Elizabeth offers private training for individuals and groups.  E Pure Sculpt classes are regularly schedule at her studio and are a part of a complete, transformative workout program.

Workshops and specialty classes including Pilates for Pregnancy, Pilates for Men, Office Pilates, Pilates To Go! and Pilates for Teens.

A happier body, for a happy you!

Contact Elizabeth for more information or to initiate a meeting. Ask about the workshops. Or, just say hello!

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